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Migrant children walk outside a detention centre in Libya on 30 January 2017 Also in the Gambia recently." 'I wanted to cross the sea' Politics aside, poverty and the promise of a better life remain key drivers. "I wanted to cross the sea," 14-year-old Issaa told researchers. "Look for work, work hard to earn a bit of money to help my five brothers at home." But two and a half years after leaving home in Niger, Issaa was found living alone in a Libyan detention centre. "My father collected money for my journey, he wished me luck and then let me go." The migrants are, of course, heavily dependent on smugglers to get them through the desert and across the sea. Image copyright Unicef / Romenzi Image caption Migrants in Libya run the risk of getting drawn into gangs or prostitution rings A recent case when dozens bodies were found washed up on the shore near the western city Zawiya shows that this remains extremely hazardous. But smuggling is all-too often associated with human trafficking. Victims accept migration packages from criminal gangs, only to find themselves forced into prostitution to repay their debts. "Libya is a major transit hub for women being trafficked to Europe for sex," the report says. Libya's continuing political turmoil makes it extraordinarily difficult to tackle a phenomenon, which the report says has spiralled out of control.

Treasure trove of vintage clothing Lars Thorson, theater arts teacher at Yosemite High, remembers the day that the front office called him. I received a phone call that a man was at the front office and wanted to talk to me about a donation, Thorson said. I met Allan King, and he explained that he and his wife had the King Vintage Museum and now he wanted to donate some vintage clothes to the drama department. I told him that we had taken our daughter to his museum when she was about 3 years old, and I would love to see what he had. Thorson took his daughter Elizebeth and his friends, YHS art teacher Evan Higgins and his wife Kelly, to Kings house where they found a virtual treasure trove. Kelly loves vintage things and you could see her eyes light up when she saw all the clothing - and I saw an extraordinary opportunity to add to the theater departments costume collection, Thorson said. Allan was kind and gracious and explained that his wife had passed away a number of years previously, and he was in the process of downsizing. I could see that this collection was clearly a labor of love between Allan and his wife so I wanted to be sure and be respectful and fair with my offer. After seeing the collection, I told him that the YHS theater arts department would love to take his in-kind donation of clothes. I also suggested that there were some pieces inappropriate for the stage, but we would like to try to sell them using an online retailer as a fundraiser for the theater department. Thorson called the donation to the school extraordinary. This large amount of vintage clothing is like living history and something that you just dont encounter every day, Thorson said. Thorson got some clothing racks from the music department and he and Kelly proceeded to fill them with the clothing.

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